Now Bronx straphangers know how much longer to boogie down on subway platforms at five stations along the Pelham 6 Line. The MTA has been tweaking the countdown clocks at stations along the L line for about two years now, and the authority plans to roll out the boards at 152 stations on the numbered lines by early 2011. The stations blessed with the slick new "Public Address Customer Information Screens" [PA/CIS] are Brook Ave, Cypress Ave, E.143rd St-St. Mary’s St, E.149th St and Longwood Ave.

"Based on information provided by the subway’s electronic monitoring system, these signs are extremely flexible and customer friendly,” says NYC Transit President Thomas F. Prendergast. And let's not forget MTA Czar Jay Walder's statement that studies show riders in London felt three-times worse waiting when they didn't know how long the delay would be. So get ready to feel three times less aggravated, Bronx.