Five year old Sarah Felix was killed during a fire in her family's Bronx apartment, and her father Diogenes Felix was burned when making repeated visits back into the apartment to find her. Six year old sister Angela, who suffered burns on 60-70% of her body, was saved by 12 year old brother Diogenes Felix Jr. Felix Jr. was reportedly the one who noticed the fire first, when he got up to go to the bathroom. Father and daughter are in critical condition at Jacobi Hospital; the mother and son were treated for minor injuries.

The 3AM fire, which was quickly put out by the fire department in 90 minutes, may have been caused by a candle left on a cardboard box in the children's bedroom. The family had recently moved into the apartment from a smaller one in the building. The NY Times described the building as "sprawling," with some residents leaving the building via fire escapes while others "slept through it unaware."