A family in Riverdale is engaged in a war with their co-op board, who want to evict them over their singing dog. Rita and Murray Hyman claim they are being unfairly persecuted because their daughter's Maltese pooch, Rocky, likes to sing with Rita, 62, when he comes to visit. Rita, who was left disabled after a 2003 car crash, doesn't want to give up the singing, because she considers Rocky her "therapy dog": "Rocky gives me a whole different outlook on life and keeps me going...They've hurt me so much by trying to take away our special relationship. Who will I sing with?"

The co-op board claimed that Rocky's visits violated a no-"pet harboring" clause in the lease, but the Hymans argued that the dog did not live with them, so there was no violation. Rocky seems like a real diva though: when the family appeared on Good Day New York this morning, Rocky was suspiciously camera shy and refused to sing. Rocky could learn a thing or two about showmanship and the blues from Tucker: