Just two weeks ago, the Brooklyn DA's office admitted it had a bedbug issue. Today, we received this tip:

The Bronx DA's office had the DCAS and an outside consulting firm going through the offices (the older buildings, not the Hall of Justice... yet) late night this week with a bedbug sniffing dog. Official explanations range from "carpet mites" to "isolated insects." Bosses were freelancing on giving out information, so there was never any one set of information being given out. In fact, the DCAS folks were instructed not to tell anyone what the dog was there for, despite Belkin Environmental Services-clad workers holding the leash. The affected floors were completely treated with liquid nitrogen and an alcohol disinfectant, one office at a time.

Bronx DA's office tells us, yes, they were exterminating for bedbugs. However, Administrative Chief Lisa Payne Wansley emphasizes it's not an infestation or a "huge problem."

According to Payne Wansley, many months ago, staffers had been complaining about bites,so the city's Department of Citywide Administrative Services (which maintains city buildings like the Bronx DA's office) called in an exterminator who determined there were carpet mites. The office was treated for the mites but some staffers continued to complain about bites. Two nights ago, the exterminators confirmed there were bedbugs in some areas. Payne Wansley said that they were "closer to the end of the problem" than the beginning.

We have a call into DCAS about the treatment. That bedbug czar is really needed—wonder if he'll be as hunky as these exterminators (yes, it's gotten to the point where there are exterminator "pinup" galleries... and bed bug sex videos).