Miguel Colon was crossing East Gun Hill Road in Baychester with his 6-year-old son Sebastian early yesterday evening when he was fatally run down by an enraged driver with a history of drug and arson arrests. According to police, the driver of the Infiniti, Mark St. Pierre, had been arguing with his wife in the parking lot of a nearby Chuck E. Cheese and sped off furiously. Before hitting Colon, he had already slammed into two cars, and a witness tells the Post the vehicle was traveling "at least 85" when it struck Colon, who was able to push his son out of harm's way before his death. St. Pierre allegedly continued driving, hitting several more cars until his vehicle was too wrecked to continue. (The occupants of those vehicles escaped with only minor injuries.) St. Pierre then tried to stagger away, but witnesses chased him and he has soon arrested. Colon had been carrying Sebastian's bicycle when he was run over, and according to the Post, the boy was later heard saying, "I need two pieces off my bike. Can you give me two pieces for memories?"