Yesterday afternoon, a CVS at 694 Burke Avenue was evacuated when its roof started to collapse from all the snow piling up on top. Apparently employees "heard a creaking noise and saw tiles falling from the roof of the store," according to NY1. Now the store has been demolished.

FDNY Deputy Assistant Chief James Daly explained, "This particular building was built in 1954, and they don't stand up well to a heavy, heavy snowload. So real good job by the store employees recognizing these warning signs and getting the people out."

The Post notes: "The ceiling was built with no support columns, resulting in more floor space but weakening the structure against collapse." One customer told the paper, "I saw the ceiling coming down from the back. I told the lady next to me, ‘Let’s get out of here!’ and we ran out of there."

CVS said, "At this time, we can tell you that all employees and customers were able to safely exit the store before the roof collapsed around 2 p.m. so there were no injuries. We are transferring pharmacy operations to our nearby store at 732 Allerton Avenue to ensure that our customers will continue to have access to their prescriptions." Medications had be to removed before the building could be torn down.