BREAKING: police officers don't like it when they're investigated by other police officers, especially for exercising the "professional privilege" of ticket-fixing for friends, family, and a guy who had sweet Yankees tickets. According to the Daily News' sources, Bronx narcotics cops aren't bringing major drug cases District Attorney Robert Johnson, who has led the probe, instead going to special narcotics prosecutor Bridget Brennan. "The feeling is, 'Why go to them if you can get around it?' There's some bad blood." Nothing a torn-up ticket or two can't fix!

The grand jury has finished seeing evidence, and the 22 people involved, 17 of them NYPD employees, are expected to be formally charged next week. While the source said the scope of the narcotics officers' defiance was "just a case here or there," it reportedly included one that prosecutors should be "chomping at the bit over." The ticket-fixing investigation began with a series of wiretaps that eventually caught more than 500 NYPD employees discussing what, to some, remains no big deal. It's already tainted attempted murder and DWI cases, and union officials plan to protest.