Bronx resident Sanija Kurtovic is eight months pregnant, and she got quite a scare the other day when her parked car was sideswiped as she was about to get out. But what's even scarier is that the vehicle that hit her was an NYPD cruiser, and the driver allegedly fled the scene. Kurtovic says that after her car was hit, she ran up to Officer Shirley Perez-Romero, who was stopped at a red light. But the cop allegedly played dumb, acting as if she didn't realize an accident had occured. Kurtovic says the officer told her she would do a U-turn and file a report, but instead Officer Perez-Romero just drove off.

Kurtovic didn't take the plate number because she "automatically assumed she's a cop, she's going to do the right thing." But bystander Julio Llerandez (who, if you watch the video, you'll see is basically THE MAN) saw it all happen, telling Fox, "I got everything. I got the plate number, the precinct, I seen a female driving it." Llerandez even went with Kurtovic to file a police report with the 49th precinct, explaining, "I feel bad for her. She's pregnant. Could have been my mother."

Now Kurtovic's lawyer says she's suing the NYPD and the city. An NYPD spokesman denies the hit-and-run, insisting that a supervisor responded to the scene and immediately conducted an investigation, and Officer Perez-Romero may face disciplinary action. Fox stalked the cop in their exclusive segment, but unlike her Pluto-loving colleague on Long Island, she had the good sense not to comment. Check out the video below, and be sure to stay tuned for the 1:30 mark, when our new personal hero Julio Llerandez makes his cameo.