2006_07_bronxmap.jpgA horrible car accident unraveled in the Bronx yesterday afternoon: A 1994 Acura Legend somehow jumped the median of the Bronx River Parkway, killing five of its seven passengers. Four members of the Gardner family of the Bronx - Derrick, 40, and daughter Asia (some reports say Derrick and ASia were from Mississippi), 8; brothers Jamel, 14, and Keywann, 23 (Derrick was their uncle) - and relative Brandon Daye, 18, of Mississippi were killed. Two other passengers were injured, including Jamel and Keywann's brother Howie. Three other cars became involved in the accident, but the injuries to the nine drivers and passengers were minor. It's unclear how the Acura, driven by Keywann, lost control, but the Post describes what seems to have happened near the East 177th exit of the Bronx River Parkway:

After their green Acura Legend slowed down for heavy traffic in the southbound lanes, Keywann, the driver, somehow lost control of the car, which ran onto the concrete divider, police said.

Cops said it skidded along the divider for 200 feet, knocking out a lamppost on its wild ride.

It then went flying into the northbound lane - and collided head-on with an Access-a-Ride bus and a Toyota Corolla.

A Lincoln Town Car limo with two passengers then hit the bus, which was empty except for the driver.

One of the livery cab's passengers told the the Times, "Out of nowhere the lamppost hit the top of the car and slid off and rolled onto the road, flying into the Access-a-Ride. I just want to know why I'm still living."

According to the Daily News, police believe speed was a factor in the accident while witnesses say the Acura was sideswiped.