The 26-year-old bouncer and father of two who was shot and killed early yesterday morning inside the nightclub where he worked may have been mistaken by the gunman for a different man. A witness named Louie had told the Post that a fight broke out after four men were ejected from the Clason Point club, and he predicted "They're gonna come back with a gun." But another witness tells the tabloid the bouncer involved in the fight was standing outside when his colleague was killed by a bullet that flew through the front window. "He was just standing by the doorway and boom, it happened…it was meant for the other bouncer."

Despite the efforts of two women to revive the man, whose name hasn't been released pending family notification, he died a short time later at Jacobi Medical Center. "He was gurgling, he couldn't talk," a witness said. "We were telling him to hold on."

Neighbors describe the nightclub, The Pit Lounge, as a blight on the community. "I've been complaining about that place for three years, but nothing has been done," Lucy Srancois says. "I'm hoping and praying this puts an end to the club."