A Bronx nightclub bouncer was fatally shot early this morning, allegedly by a patron who he had kicked out earlier. According to witnesses, the gunman was one of four men who were kicked out of the Pit Lounge on White Plains Road in Soundview by the 26-year-old bouncer after they got into a fight last night. “I said, ‘They’re gonna come back with a gun, I know it,' " Louie, a clubgoer who declined to give his last name, told the News. “And sure enough, they did.”

The gunman shot through the window of the Pit Lounge from the sidewalk around 6 a.m. this morning; one bullet went through a window and into the neck of the bouncer standing inside. “He fell back onto the floor,” Louie said. “We jumped on him, put pressure on his neck. Two girls that worked there were pumping his chest, doing CPR. But we could hear him gurgling. There was blood all over the place. The girls had blood all over them.” The bouncer, who is a father of two, was rushed to Jacobi Medical Center where he died. Police have made no arrests yet.