The trial for the four men accused of plotting to bomb Bronx synagogues, as well as fire missiles at military planes at Stewart Airport, was delayed because one of the defendants claims to be seeing hallucinations and was "not responsive" when he was taken from his cell this morning (he also urinated on himself). But a psychologist at the Metropolitan Correctional Center says Laguerre Payen's behavior is "suspicious" and prosecutors say he's faking.

According to the NY Times, Payen "was brought into court shackled to a wheelchair. His eyes were closed, and he rocked his head rocked from side to side... In the past few days, prison officials have seen Mr. Payen sit naked in his cell, urinate on the floor, sleep curled up in a ball with a smock covering him, and bang his head lightly against a wall." And the Post says that, in July, "when asked if sleep medications were helping him rest, psychologist Elissa Miller said Payen replied: 'This is the Matrix, isn't it?'"

Regarding his alleged hallucinations ("the Virgin Mary, lights, dead people, bugs crawling on him and people who demanded he play chess"), Miller said they seemed "improbable... Usually someone making you play chess, that’s not a common visual hallucination." Judge Colleen McMahon is considering whether to let another doctor examine Payen (his lawyer says he was previously diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic), but added that Payen was "suddenly and suspiciously tuned out" in recent days.