[UPDATE: NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly answers questions about the "tragic" shooting.] Around 2 a.m. this morning, police responded to reports of a robbery at a Bronx bodega on East 168th Street. At least two men barricaded themselves inside the store (the Daily News says there were three masked gunmen). Apparently the store's owner and his 20-year-old nephew were able to escape—but the nephew was killed by gunfire, possibly from the police.

Witness told the News that the owner and Reynaldo Cuevas were running out the store, but Cuevas was shot by a police officer "who had just arrived at the scene." Jose Garcia said, "The owner opened the door and came out with his hands up. He said, 'They're robbing me. They're robbing me.' The co-worker, he didn't say nothing and didn't put his hands up. He just came out running. They thought he was one of the robbers, but he just worked there and they shot him."

Cuevas, who was unarmed, was pronounced dead at the hospital. Police are not commenting about the shooting yet, but another witness told WCBS 2, “They just shot him. They didn’t say ‘police’ or nothing, they just shoot him."

The robbers remained barricaded in the store until 5 a.m. Another police officer was involved in a car crash when trying to respond to the scene.