It's never a good idea to pee near a man's motorcycle, and one Bronx biker club president made that clear a few years ago when he shot a man in the chest for urinating near a friend's bike. Yesterday, he was convicted for attempted murder, and now faces up to 40 years in prison.

In August 2011, 63-year-old Satans Soldiers Motorcycle Club president Elvio Feola caught then 25-year-old David Butler peeing near fellow biker's ride outside the Fiddler’s Elbow bar in Throggs Neck. Feola and Butler reportedly argued, and prosecutors say Feola shot him in the chest with a .32-caliber bullet at close range.

Butler survived the shooting, but suffered a collapsed lung, broken ribs and a lacerated liver; the bullet is also still lodged in between two vertebrae, and doctors won't remove it because of a high-risk of paralysis.

Jurors convicted Feola, dubbed "Spike" by his biker buddies, of attempted murder, assault and criminal possession of a weapon; prosecutors say they found Feola's DNA on the weapon after recovering it post-shooting. He'll be back in court on Nov. 15 for sentencing.