2008_12_carrionjr.jpgThe Posts reports that Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion Jr. will be named to the White House Office of Urban Policy as the director of urban affairs. Rumored to be headed to the Obama White House in some way, Carrion was frequently mentioned as a possible HUD secretary, but NYC Housing Commission Shaun Donovan got the job. Politico's Ben Smith writes, "Carrion is a well-liked, pro-development official who has tried to enhance his limited power through an alliance with Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and gives the New York mayor...another ally in the White House, and suggests a New York-centric urban policy... The appointment could also position Carrion for a run for mayor, an office he has coveted, in 2013, should Bloomberg win another term next year." This also makes the race for NYC Comptroller in 2009 interesting.