A strange incident in the Bronx: A city inspector went to the basement of 1912 Holland Avenue to check on a hot water heater, but he ended up contacting the police because he found a bizarre laboratory. 1010 WINS says that there were "vials of acid, formaldehyde and various bones and organs being preserved." Weird! More weird: The Post reports there were also "medical equipment and rubber stalactites." And then there's the "refrigerator that was storing blood."

The building had four apartments, two of which are vacant. One resident told the Post, "If these walls could talk, they'd probably be screaming" and NY1, "I saw some stuff in jars like some embryo stuff in jars and some skulls and like a lot of, like, medical stuff like nobody shouldn't have, like a hospital."

The building is owned by Barry Greene, who is currently in prison serving time for sodomy and sex abuse charges (he abused four Bronx children). It's unclear if the basement's contents belong to Greene, but the NYPD is investigating whether the bones, organs and all belong to animals and/or humans. But the building is in disrepair and Greene does face some violations.

Photograph from 1010WINS