Last night, an Amber Alert was issued for 20-month-old Giavonna Vizard, who was last seen in her family's Bronx home with her 13-year-old aunt. But a few hours later, the alert was cancelled, because the baby was found in Queens, as was aunt Lisa Keitt, who was taken into custody. Relatives suspect that the teen took the baby to get back at them for calling the cops. The baby's father Cyrus Smith said, "She ran away from a [group] program yesterday. She came to our door. We called the cops. She showed up again today with three friends."

On Monday, Keitt was taken back to the group home but, yesterday, visited sister Ashley Vizard and baby Giavonna with her two friends. When Vizard left the baby with Keitt briefly in the afternoon, she returned to find both of them gone. Police did not say how Keitt was found, but baby Giovanna appeared to be in fine condition. The baby's grandmother said, "This is a happy ending. We're glad we got the baby. She looks really confused, but she looks okay. No bumps, no bruises, no scratches."

Keitt and her two friends were arrested.