The former Bronx Assistant District Attorney who is charged with DWI after an accident on the Major Deegan Expressway has dismissed her attorney and has hired a defense lawyer who successfully argued in favor of a different Bronx ADA's DWI. Another possible reason why Jennifer Troiano ditched lawyer Howard Weiswasser: He's her best friend's dad, and since her best friend is another ADA who is supposed to testify...which means he would have had to cross-examine his own daughter.

According to the Daily News, Amy Weiswasser, a "close friend" of Troiano's, will testify about two other instances in which Troiano avoided DWI charges in 2004 and 2006. Prosecutors had been trying to get Weiswasser off the case for a while and a News source says catastrophe was averted, "It would have been unprecedented, and a complete disaster."

Anyway, Troiano's new attorney, Seven Epstein, claims the 2004 and 2006 incidents never happened. "We are confident that a jury will find her not guilty because she was not intoxicated," he says. Epstein previously grilled two officers involved in the DWI arrest of former Bronx ADA Stephen Lopresti about their past instances of ticket-fixing, as uncovered by the massive internal investigation earlier this year. A jury took 45 minutes to acquit Lopresti, with one juror saying, "They have no integrity. They don't even deserve a badge."

While Epstein probably won't have ticket-fixing revelations to fall back on in questioning the integrity of the arresting officers, he said, "Although much of the information that has been reported in the media is false, we are going to try this case in the court before a judge and jury, not in the hallways or in the newspapers."