Police say that a 15-year-old boy fatally stabbed his mother's live-in boyfriend on Friday night in their Bronx apartment at the Sonia Sotomayor Houses. Andruis Ovalles was charged with the murder of Albert Hartzog, 26, whose aunt told the Daily News she spoke to her nephew before the violence unfolded, "He said they were fighting about the cable.... The kid was mad he couldn't watch TV."

According to the News, "Neighbors and relatives said Ovalles was a troublemaker who was recently released from a juvenile detention facility after being busted for robbery." He was allegedly jealous of Hartzog, who moved in with Ovalles' mother, Wanda Rodriguez (the couple recently had a baby). Hartzog's sister said that Hartzog, who worked as a security guard, felt Ovalles was a freeloader, "My brother pays all the bills in the house [and] he turned the cable off. He would tell me, 'I have to get out of this house, this kid is never going to change.'"

Hartzog discontinued cable service because Ovalles disappeared for days, and, on Friday night, they fought in the apartment. Hartzog was allegedly punched before Ovalles grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed him three times. Police found Hartzog in the hallway and Ovalles in the apartment; a neighbor said she heard Ovalles' mother crying, "Why did you do that?"