If you thought just because it was Friday that this awful week of transit delays might take a break you were very wrong. It just keeps on coming. Those planning on going home on the A, B, C or D trains, or taking the M3 bus anywhere near 150th Street, might want to think carefully about their commute. A 12" water main broke on St. Nicholas Avenue earlier this afternoon (making a nice big sinkhole) and though Con Ed is on it, the water is still causing delays and route changes all over the place.

As of 4 p.m. mta.info says that there is no B service in either direction, and there is no D service in either direction from 145th Street to 167th Street. Meanwhile the A is running on the local track between 145th Street and 168th Street.

And that's not all! Because of a train with mechanical problems stuck at 42nd Street, the downtown F is running express from 42nd to West 4th. Oh, and the M is running on the E line between the 5th Avenue-53rd Street station and West 4th. All in all, right now the MTA says you should expect delays on the A, B, C, D, E, F, M, N, Q and R lines—still, to be on the safe side we recommend checking mta.info before you try and take any of those trains today. Happy Friday everybody!