Wow. The NY Times reports that Broken Angel owners Arthur and Cindy Wood have agreed to (1) dismantle part of the roof at 4 Downing Street and (2) to "share ownership [of the building] with a local developer, Shahn Andersen, who would turn most of the building into condominiums." Broken Angel would have living and studio for the Woods, plus "some form of community space."

While Arthur Wood, who designed the building, would have rather kept the house himself, it's a great story about members of the community trying to help the Woods. City Councilwoman Letitia James who is also a lawyer represented the Woods in their case; Pratt Institute teacher Brent Porter, who calls the Woods' creation "outsider art, and his students have been working to "prove that the house was structurally sound"; neighbor Vladimir J. Charles helped convert Arthur Wood's designs "into digital architectural plans that comply with building codes." And Arthur Wood ultimately wanted to make sure the building wouldn't be totally torn down, telling the Times, "I have to do something. Everything I own is there: paintings, thousands of dollars worth of equipment."

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