Who loves Theater more: nerds or tourists? According to Broadway League's 13th annual demographics report, it is decidedly more frequented by tourists! They make up 63 percent of the 11.89 million people who visited Broadway this past year. And one-out-of-four of those tourists were from abroad, so they probably couldn't even understand the rich subtext of Mamma Mia!

But it wasn't only tourists who were flocking to Broadway—women accounted for 69 percent of ticket buyers. The most popular way to purchase tickets remains online, and 48 percent said good word of mouth from a friend led to them seeing a show. As for the racial demographics, three-quarters of theater goers were white, but the percentage of Asians nearly doubled from 3.9 percent to 6.1 percent. But it still leaves us drawing a blank: who wants to sit and listen to a bunch of actors emoting on stage anyway? With the exception of the future-perfect masterpiece Spider Man: Turn Off The Dark, we can authoritatively, unequivocally say that all Broadway musicals suck. Except Rock Of Ages—nothing that includes Bon Jovi could ever suck.