Andrea Peyser isn't the only tabloid columnist with a deep disdain for the new car-free sections of Broadway; Mike Lupica at the Daily News is now pouring out the Haterade with an article dismissing what he calls "Bloomberg Beach" as "Bloomberg's revenge." In his eyes, the whole thing is just Bloomberg's petulant way of bending New York's traffic patterns to his will after his congestion pricing plan got sandbagged by Albany. Which, yeah, Bloomberg's a little prince who throws tantrums when he doesn't get his way, but Lupica's determined to toss the baby out with the bath water.

Where Peyser had to talk to homeless people to find some negative reactions to the Broadway pedestrian plazas, Lupica goes straight to the cops: "'Let's call it a work in progress,' [the cop] said, as another street guy settled in for a nap in front of Starbucks. 'Either that, or comic relief.'" The problem, according to Lupica, is that the homeless are using the chairs during the day, thus making the pedestrian plazas look like "shelters." WTF, now there are homeless people sitting in Times Square!? You'd never see that when cars drove through there!