Alfredo Scappaticci; Photo - The Daily MirrorGothamist's imagination was captured by the story of Alfredo Scappaticci, a.k.a. Stakeknife, a British spy who had been undercover in the I.R.A. for 30 years. He was about to be named by various British media outlets, so he was moved to a safehouse. This does not bode well for peace with Northen Ireland. The Sunday Herald had an exclusive about Alfredo Scappatici, and the uproar comes because although he was the secret weapon the British had against the I.R.A. and Sinn Fein, he participated in many murders. The possibility that innocents died to protect his cover doesn't help things. Stakeknife's picture ran in the Daily Mirror, while most publications did not. The Guardian also details how Stakeknife was unmasked.

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