Here in America, we want to text however and wherever we damn please. While driving, while falling down manholes, whatever. But some fancy shmancy British scientist is trying to tell us our brains can't handle texting while walking. Look, just because your accent makes you sound smarter on TV doesn't mean you can tell us what to do.

In a study at Aston University in Birmingham, Dr. Joanna Lumsden set up color coded warnings to flash on a path walked by texters. They missed on average one in five warnings. But when told of the study's results, most New Yorkers didn't seem surprised. Michael D'Amico, 20, told the Daily News, "I've run into screen doors and poles, but I'm a clumsy person to start. I've just gotten bumps and bruises."

One Astoria resident says she's figured out how to stay safe and still tell her friends about that weird hobo she just saw. (And no, it's not by just calling them.) "I pause and look up often," she said. "People just get misspelled words sent to them." Wht, ip thet b priblm nnw?