2007_04_georgelenon.jpgThe British teen whose parents were frantically looking for him after he ran away from his London home on Monday was found at JFK yesterday. Seventeen- year-old George Lenon had an argument with his parents and managed to get himself on a plane to New York. Lenon had been seen at JFK's immigration area, but never showed up at an Upper West Side hotel where he claimed he was staying.

The Post reveals that Lenon stayed at the Jazz on the Park Hostel at West 106th Street for one night and stayed at a movie theater another night. His mother said, "He was depressed at home, and he though New York was an exciting adventure." An exciting and affordable adventure, as advertised by NYC in Britain? (The Daily News said Lenon's favorite activities, per his website, are "clubbing" and "pubbing.")

Apparently Mayor Bloomberg intervened after hearing about Lenon from a friend. He said, "I called [Police Commissioner Raymond] Kelly and said, 'I don't know who you call, but, you know, this family's reaching out. ... Have somebody call 'em.' And that's the last I heard."

Jet Blue gets a bit of nice publicity, as one of its employees was the one who found him. Oh, and the argument that set off Lenon's Transatlantic jaunt? Schoolwork-related.