Yesterday, the FBI met a Delta flight that landed at JFK Airport from London. Why? Because of a suspicious passenger An early report said that a passenger or group made threats against President Obama, but MyFoxNY reports that the FBI said, "The FBI met the flight and an individual from that flight was denied entry to the U.S. There was no threat to the president."

The person who was denied entry was "a British citizen tied to a radical environmentalist group that opposes airport expansion. The group apparently believes more runways mean more flights polluting the atmosphere." The group is HACAN—"campaigning against aircraft noise"—and the man is John Stewart. The Evening Standard says, "Mr Stewart, 62, who heads the anti-airport expansion protest group HACAN and who led the campaign against the third runway at Heathrow airport, was believed to have fallen foul of the US's strict visa entry requirements because he planned to spend a month travelling across the country campaigning."

Stewart was ordered to return to the U.K. He had been accused of hypocrisy for flying out of Heathrow.