Everybody ready to drop the "anti-Wal-Mart" façade and embrace our cheesy sausage and trampoline-peddling masters? A new Marist poll shows that 64% of New York City residents support Wal-Mart's dubious labor practices and oh-so-low prices in their backyards, while only 31% oppose it. 68% of women as opposed to 60% of men approve of Wal-Mart, proving that humans' innate tendency to shop at Wal-Mart is a trait that likely originates in the womb.

In light of a recent poll that showed New Yorkers, including union members, approved of Wal-Mart (and bike lanes!) these results shouldn't be too shocking. Manhattanites are most likely to oppose the store, with "only" 56% of them saying they would support the store, whereas 73% of Bronx residents have full-blown Rollback fever. Most tellingly, 43% of New Yorkers believe that a Wal-Mart "would make no difference to their neighborhood." However, it's worth noting that sociologists still doesn't fully grasp the affect that $4.50 Chuck Norris DVDs have on a community. You have been warned.