You may remember Os Gemeos from the work they did in NYC last summer-- particularly their signage in Coney Island and colorful pieces all around Williamsburg. Today, WoosterCollective pointed out an amazing commuter train the twins hit in Brazil. It got us thinking-- if the MTA allows companies to wrap an entire bus in advertising, maybe they should allow artists to decorate specific train cars. It doesn't even have to be in paint-- they could use the same plastic wrap the buses use. We're not arguing for a return to the subway graffiti of the 1980s-- but how cool would it be to see a car like the ones above rolling in to your local station like they did in May? The program could be subsidized by wrapping a few trains in advertising-- which would be cool in its own way-- imagine an entire train wrapped in Red Bull ads! Frankly, it seems strange that the MTA hasn't tried a wrapped train already.

Semi-related: did you know there are more than 20 elevated portions of subway track in NYC? It's true!