The missing 34-year-old medical student who seemed to disappear without a trace after being kicked out of her Midtown apartment was found safe and sound at the West Side YMCA. Aimee Angle-Zahn, who reportedly has epileptic seizure disorder as well as a "gullible" and "clueless" nature, was found after cops looked at the activity on her debit card.

Last week, Angle-Zahn apparently had to leave her apartment because a rent dispute. She has been subletting a room from Randy Williams but he called her parents saying she didn't pay her rent and he wanted his $650. Later, Angle-Zahn emailed her parents, saying Williams hit her with a broom and took her cell phone, plus she had no place to go. The Angles booked a room at a hotel near Laguardia for Thursday night, as well as a plane ticket back home to Michigan for Friday, but when Angle-Zahn didn't show up at the hotel or fly home, they worried. Her father Allen Angle flew to NYC to look for her; he said that NYPD would not help him because Angle-Zahn, who is a fourth-year student at Cornell medical school, has a Michigan driver's license.

According to the Daily News, "Police notified her family and let a relative know Angle-Zahn was in good health and was not the victim of a crime. Police said she did not require any medical treatment and that she was free to stay at the YMCA -- at Broadway and West 63rd St. -- where they found her." A police source told the Post, "Apparently it was just a lack of communication" between her and her family. Angle-Zahn allegedly told police that she didn't know how to make a collect call.