A Michigan native who had been living in a Midtown Manhattan apartment has apparently disappeared and her family is worried. Aimee Angle-Zahn's mother said that her 34-year-old daughter, who is a fourth year medical student at Cornell, "can be clueless about the real world... My daughter has an IQ I believe equal to Albert Einstein’s. But if you send her to the grocery store for bread, she’ll come home with spaghetti." Angle-Zahn also reportedly suffers from epileptic seizure-disorder. Update: Angle-Zahn was found at the West Side YMCA; more details.

Angle-Zahn was last heard from on Thursday when she told her parents that she was kicked out of her apartment. According to the NY Post, she was subletting a place at The Vogue on Sixth Avenue from Randy Williams, who "threw Angle-Zahn out of the apartment for not paying the rent." Angle-Zahn's mother Debbie Angle said that Williams called asking for the $650 rent, but added that her daughter also emailed them saying that Williams hit her with a broom and that he took their phone. Her family booked her a room at an airport hotel for Thursday night and a plane ticket from Laguardia Airport back to Michigan for Friday, but Angle-Zahn never showed up.

Her father, Allen Angle, who came to NYC when his daughter didn't fly out on Friday, said that most worrisome thing was that Angle-Zahn would call her 8-year-old daughter (who lives with Angle-Zahn's ex-husband in Michigan) every day, but hasn't called since Wednesday. He also said that the NYPD said they couldn't help him because his daughter had a Michigan driver's license so he needed to work with Michigan authorities. (It seems like the NYPD is helping now.)

Debbie Angle said, "We are concerned because we haven't heard from her all week and we don't know where she is. We just hope nothing bad happened. We hope she's not hurt or sick. She could've gotten involved with some bad people because she is a little naive." Angle also hopes that her daughter was so stressed out by being thrown out of the apartment that she had a seizure and is now in a hospital, worrying, “Did she decide to save money and not take a taxi to LaGuardia? The subway stops 2 miles away (from the airport) and walking through Queens in the dark is not nice. She knows. She did a trauma rotation in Queens."