Weekend 7 train service has been horrendous the past few weekends due to MTA service work. Many business owners, namely bar and restaurant owners, were worried what the lack of a running 7 train would do to St. Patrick's Day business. St. Patrick's Day falls on a Saturday, and MTA Executive Director said that the MTA may suspend weekend service disruptions on March 17. Another possibility is to have the E, R, and LIRR "pick up slack" for people to go to the parade. Aw, Sander wants to make sure people can get drunk and ride the rails! amNY points out that many Irish immigrants live in Woodside and has a quote from City Councilman Eric Gioia: "You wouldn't close the No. 7 train for the World Series and shouldn't close it for the St. Patrick's Day Parade."

In other 7 news, Sander also says that the MTA has had "positive" talks with the city about the cost overrun situation for the 7 line extension. Okay, what are the odds on the 7 line extension being done before the 2nd Avenue subway?

Photograph of waiting for the 7 train by bluesocks78 on Flickr