surface weather from weather.comToday's weather is your reward for putting up with a week of less-than-pleasant conditions. Sunny skies will let temperatures rise to 50 degrees this afternoon for the first time since mid-January. The warm weather respite will be brief, leave work early if you can, as another Alberta Clipper passes through town tomorrow.

An Alberta Clipper is a low pressure system that zips eastward soon after forming over Alberta. There's a decent chance that snow will be falling tomorrow morning, followed by snow mixed with rain, then rain alone by afternoon. The clipper will stay to our north, minimizing snow amounts. Cold air will filter in tomorrow evening, reversing the precipitation pattern. Snow will mix in with the rain, before changing over to all snow by late-evening. The chance of precipitation will decrease as the day goes by. Thursday night will be breezy as well.

After the storm it looks like we will have a couple of cool, but sunny, days. Another storm situation is brewing for Sunday and Monday. Too soon to tell if it will be significant.

This afternoon's surface weather map with an Alberta Clipper over northern Minnesota from