lows_1230.jpgStartling weather news! Temperatures may dip below freezing tonight as we'll be on the southern end of a polar front moving over New England. Only a degree or two below freezing, but cold enough to be our coolest night in nearly three weeks. If that's not cold enough for you, head up to Montreal for some near-zero (Fahrenheit) chills.

After a cool night here, daytime temperatures will rebound to the mid- to upper-40s for the remainder of the New Year's weekend. Temperatures should be in the lower-40s New Year's Eve. Some rain should be moving in well after midnight on New Year's, and Monday will be wet.

Thanks to a Gothamist Contribute tipster, we learned about the Ayles Ice Shelf which broke off from Ellesmere Island in northern Canada 16 months ago. Since nobody was present to witness the break, which took about an hour, it took months for scientists studying satellite and seismological data to figure out what happened. The 41 square mile new ice island is about 33 percent larger than Manhattan.

Map of tomorrow morning's predicted low temperatures from the National Digital Forecast Database.