Is the new "in" sport speculating about Mayor Bloomberg's future? Some think he'll run for governor, or even a third term as mayor. Newsweek thinks he's going to buy the NY Times, and now it seems there was an attempt to make Bloomberg the new president of his alma mater, Johns Hopkins University.

The NY Sun reported that professor emeritus Matthew Crenson drafted a letter asking the presidential search committee to put Bloomberg on the list of possible candidates. Forty other professors signed it and Crenson told the Sun the billionaire's knowledge of the school (he's donated tons and got an honorary doctorate), its trustees, and capital programs make him a logical suggestion, plus, he's "someone who has good management skills and thinks creatively."

Also appealing: How Bloomberg was only paid $1 for his work at City Hall--departing president Dr. William Brody made $1,938,024 last year.

A little later, Crenson got back to the Sun and said he was ditching the effort "because he said he was concerned that once the enterprise became public, it could be a potential embarrassment to the university and the mayor." Really? We instant-messaged a junior at Johns Hopkins about the possibility of President Bloomberg and he wrote back, "haha that would be awesome. wow that's cool. lol."