A bride is suing a wedding photographer for allegedly taking semi-nude pictures of her on her wedding day and posting them on the internet — despite her objections. Bride Sara Bostwick filed suit in Manhattan Supreme Court against photographer Carolyn Monastra and the Christian Oth Studio for causing her to "suffer severe emotional injuries, including post-traumatic stress disorder," the Post reports.

Even though the Bostwick "forbade" the photographer from taking any pictures of her while she was undressed, "Monastra took photographs of plaintiff's person in her underwear and in various stages of undress anyway," according to a Daily News article on the suit. The studio had apparently already agreed to remove the photos, but then just made them private, so only web visitors with a special password could access them. In September, a Bronx teen filed suit against a catering hall and a bridal shop that used a photographer of her and her uncle at her Sweet 16 to advertise their wedding services.