2005_05_kleinfeld.jpgKleinfeld's, that NYC institution of more bridal dresses than you can even hope of trying on in a year, is moving from its Bay Ridge home to Manhattan this summer, in time for the spring 2006 weddings. The NY Times has background about the move across the river for the 64 year old bridal emporium. The new space, at Sixth Avenue and 20th Street, will be about double the size of the Bay Ridge location, and was also prompted by the fact that 80% of future brides work in Manhattan. Oh, man, Gothamist can just imagine tons of dreamy women heading into Kleinfeld's during their lunch hour, even with appointments. Co-owner Ronald Rothstein uses the article to reassure some ladies about the move: "It's a very comfortable environment that belongs in Chelsea and not up on Madison Avenue. On Madison Avenue, it's a little fancy but that's not our business." In other words, don't go to Saks or any other bridal house - keep coming to Kleinfeld's. Many employees, who live in Brooklyn, cried when they were told the store was moving, and neighbors are upset the store is moving as well. Gothamist is sad as well, because going to Kleinfeld's always seemed a little trippy. Walking the streets of Brooklyn and then BAM! you're in this weird world of duchess satin and intense mother-daughter showdowns.

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