2006_09_bricked.jpgForget suspicious fires to smoke out tenants - the new tenant intimidation tool might be masonry! The Daily News reports that all the windows of a Prospect Heights apartment building on Dean Street have been bricked over, except for those belonging to lone holdout Migdalia Barreto. Barreto's rent is $535/month for a two bedroom, and she and her mother refused landlord Mark Schiner's offer of $30,000 to move out (five other families took some sort of deal). Scheiner claims the brickwork is to protect Barreto, but Barreto says, "He is so full of s--t." Well, the bricking has caused police to stopy by, suspicious there are squatters. Barreto adds, "He just wants us out so he can renovate the building and rent it for thousands and thousands of dollars." Well, yes, that's probably his goal, given the other buyouts.