The results of Jets quarterback Brett Favre are back, and sources tell ESPN that he was "told by doctors that pain in his right shoulder is from a torn biceps tendon and some calcification in the area, but the New York Jets quarterback would need nothing more than arthroscopic surgery to repair the injury." In fact, Favre could "might be able to avoid an arthroscopic procedure altogether if he decides to play a 19th NFL season." The Jets have made it clear they'd love to have the 39-year-old for another season—hell, the Post even headlined its sports back page "WOODY FOR BRETT," a nod to Jets owner Woody Johnson's fondness for Favre. On the coaching side, the Jets are still hoping to talk to former Steelers coach Bill Cowher. A source told Newsday earlier reports that Cowher didn't want to talk to the Jets were unfounded: "We have gotten no indication from him that he would not take the position based on the front office power structure."