How do you follow-up on a storied, wildly successful 20-year career in professional football, one in which you racked up a gaggle of NFL records, won the Super Bowl, won multiple MVP awards, "retired" multiple times, and had yourself the occasional front page sex scandal? Well, there is only one second act in American lives: Dancing With The Stars.

USA Today reportsspeculates that grandfather and sexting legend Brett Favre may be the latest athlete to join the cast of nimble-toed, paycheck-seeking celebrities for the upcoming 12th season of Dancing With The Stars. Dan Shanoff at Quickish dissects the rumor (which started because of a quote from fellow former QB and DWTS contestant Kurt Warner), and thoroughly rips it apart for the nothing it is.

Having said that, it is fun to imagine a miserable Favre sitting at home on the couch, stuffing himself with a bag of potato chips, hearing this rumor and deciding to run with it. Then again, since USA Today is just speculating on the cast based on "names that are randomly being tossed out," we should add that we heard a report from a guy in the office next to us that newly-retired Hosni Mubarak is considering joining the cast next season. Which would be especially appropriate, considering that Mubarak is the Brett Favre of presidents.