17 families whose homes were destroyed in the devastating fire that swept through Breezy Point during Hurricane Sandy intend to sue the Long Island Power Authority [LIPA] for negligence. In a notice of claim obtained by the NY Post, the homeowners blame LIPA for failing to cut power to the island during the powerful storm's surge. Officials believe the inferno was sparked by contact between seawater and electrical wires at one Ocean Avenue house. The ensuing conflagration quickly spread through the tightly-clustered community, destroying some 122 homes.

Each family is expected to seek $1 million, and their lawsuit questions why LIPA cut power to other areas like Fire Island in attempt "to avoid fires and other risks that would require a personnel response not possible during the storm." Attorney Robert Sullivan argues, "Unlike respondent Long Island Power Authority, Con Ed took action to de-energize its electrical system in areas expected to flood. "All they had to do was shut down the power during the peak of Sandy, and that would have avoided the fires."

Breezy Point resident Regina Heggerty is among those seeking compensation from LIPA. "If I didn’t have a fire, I’d have my little tiny, unpretentious 1935 bungalow, my favorite place in the whole world and they stole all that from us,” she tells WCBS 880. “My grandkids are heartbroken. My children, my children are angry. I can’t go down there without crying.” Another resident tells the Post, "Someone has to hold LIPA responsible. They have to learn a lesson."

Here's a video of the six-alarm Breezy Point inferno on the night of the storm, and photos of the appalling aftermath: