Lactivists are probably still reeling from the IKEA incident, but now CityRoom reports that on July 30th, Enrique Velez and Marta Lily were ticketed while breastfeeding in their parked car on East 27th Street. While they admit they were in a no-standing zone, their 6-month-old wasn't about to wait for them to get home, so Velez had run to his office nearby to heat up the breast milk. Allegedly he got caught up on a phone call, and Lily began nursing. Though their car wasn't blocking anyone, the officer gave them a $115 ticket for parking in a commercial no-meter zone, even though the no-standing restriction was only valid for another 20 minutes. The couple, as well as bystanders, explained the circumstances in hopes the officer would let it go, but to no avail. Velez told the site, “He didn’t care. We were not blocking anybody. It’s not like we had to move. There were not even cars.” Should the officer have turned a blind eye?