New Yorkers are always threatening to leave, to go somewhere where it's cheaper and smaller and no one rubs their genitals on you in public transit. You know, just...somewhere else! Now, a new study from the Economic Policy Institute has some hard data on just how much a person might save living somewhere else—namely, a little place called Marshall County, Mississippi.

Now, Marshall County doesn't offer some of the amenities New Yorkers are used to. You probably won't find artisan condiments or specials on tween bikini waxing, but similarities abound, probably! To wit, PBR in abundance, diaperless babies, mason jars as drink glasses and even assault rifles are just a few of the many, many things Marshall County has in common with our own overpriced, fun-hating Nanny City. Marshall County doesn't have so many rules, man. Marshall County is like your cool Uncle Vick who lets you scrape the ketamine from the frying pan with a credit card. (Once it's cooled down, of course—safety first!)

Marshall County is also home to the Chickasaw Trail Industrial Park, which we've always heard is like the Met of the South. See you there.