The strike mediator Richard Curreri is on television right now, saying that the parties have come back to the table and the union is commiting to do what it needs to do to end the strike. The TWU is taking it to the executive board; looks like they are thinking about going back to work.

Some reporters in the audience are asking if its political suicide for the union to return to work without a contract, but the mediator isn't commenting (obviously.) If it turns out that the union goes back to work pending mediation, then it's pretty clear that the TWU blinked first, and caved in to the massive pressure brought by the MTA and government.

Mediator is announcing a media blackout until things are resolved. He's saying that negotiations will begin shortly. Wow!

Pataki just came on television with his own press conference. He's saying that it's good news: "I'm pleased that the Taylor Law... has moved things forward in a positive way." Now he's talking about some other legislation.

Executive board for the TWU is meeting at 1pm... could trains and buses be running by evening rush hour? Please God, please! Actually, now sounds unlikely-- they are saying 12 to 24 hours for a restart of service. That sounds a little long-- at least for the buses-- couldn't they be gassed up and put out on the streets in like 3 hours?

Judge has adjourned the hearing on the jailing of the TWU leadership until 4pm-- seems to presume that the strike will be over by then.


The mainstream media catches up on the coverage:
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Latest: NY1 reports the TWU board is assembled, but waiting on the Staten Island members. Have they ever heard of a conference call? And we hope they have four people in the car coming to the TWU headquarters, or else they'll be turned away.

Even more latest: The TWU's board voted to end the strike, based on what the arbitrators laid out. It's over! But there's no word on when service will be back and running. We'll update later! is getting ready to vote on the arbitrator's plans.