Today's the first day back to work since the MTA's fare hikes went into effect over the weekend, and the city's news outlets are closely monitoring the public's response. While many experts expected commuters to greet the fare hikes with flowers and dancing on the subway platforms, it looks like they just don't appreciate the MTA's noble attempt to liberate their wallets. Many, in fact, expressed a shocking degree of contempt for the Authority: discontented subway rider Emmanuel Louis (no relation to the Webster star) tells the Daily News, "You shouldn't raise the fare if you're not going to increase service. It's just not fair."

And 38-year-old Carla Manigault tells the Post, "Twenty-five cents, that's unreal. My thing is, what are they doing with the money? They're spending millions of dollars. And look at the subway system. Some of it is horrible." (Subway rides went from $2 to $2.25, the 30-day unlimited card increased from $81 to $89, a 14-day pass is now $51.50, the 7-day pass is $27 and the single day unlimited is $8.25. And on July 10th bridge and tunnel tolls will go up.) Speaking to CBS2, Upper West Side straphanger Tony Lotson worries, "a lot of people are going to be caught off guard" by the increase.

But a few lone voices of hope did rise up above the grumbling; sweet, optimistic Pilates instructor Katie Aggen tells the Post, "I honestly hope with the fare going up there will be service improvements. I hope I get my 25 cents' worth." Hair and makeup artist Debbie Peiser also expressed boundless faith in the MTA, saying, "If things are going to improve, then I don't mind it." Still, for most, bitching and moaning remained their only solace. Brooklyn's Trimette Roberts explains the griping process to the News, "It's kind of the only way for most people. We're trapped with it. It's not like we could boycott it in masses." Ah, that's the spirit! Viva la Complaisance!