According to the wires, at 7:13pm, a Staten Island ferry experienced a "hard docking" with "several injuries" at the St. George Terminal in Staten Island. No one was seen in the water, and the ferry regained power and was able to pull in to the berth. The Fire Department is calling all hands, and 750 people are being evacuated from the ferry. More details as we get them. Update 7:43pm: there are reports of 10 "yellow tag" (intermediate level) injuries. Lots of helicopters out over the bay. Update 9:25 p.m.: Fifteen people suffered minor injuries, according to the Staten Island Advance, which also reports, "Witnesses reported that the Marchi, which left Whitehall at 6:45 p.m., came in fast after the power cut out. There was an announcement from the pilothouse to 'hang on,' followed by more urgent announcements, and riders scrambled to the rear of the boat." The John Marchi ferryboat and Slip 5 both suffered damage.