2008_02_starbucksmidtown.jpgThere's trouble brewin' at everyones favorite chain coffee shop. WCBS is reporting that there has been a shooting at a midtown Starbucks. The BNN confirms with a location: 120 W 56th Street, and reports a possible robbery as well. The NYPD are currently still looking for the suspect.

UPDATE: The shooting took place outside of the Starbucks and WNBC is reporting that the NYPD, based on preliminary information, believes the incident was part of a robbery. "It appeared as though the victim had just withdrawn tens of thousands of dollars from a nearby bank. The gunman apparently struggled with the man over a briefcase, and then shot the man in the back of the head." The gunman is currently on the run with the briefcase.

UPDATE 2: WCBS 2 is reporting the victim, Seton Ijams who works for Columbia Artists Management and is in his 50s, may have only been grazed by a bullet and/or pistol-whipped. Based on witness accounts, the AP reports the man was "dragged" down the street by the attacker. Also, Ijams may have been carryingmore than $100,000 in cash.

The victim was taken to NY Presbysterian-Weill Cornell Medical Hospital, is in stable condition and is being interviewed by the police.