A long Halloween nightmare is over for a Brooklyn resident who has been haunted by the specter of a man smashing pumpkins on his stoop multiple times in the past month. A driver arrested for cocaine possession yesterday has become the main suspect in an NYPD manhunt for a fugitive gourd destroyer.

Bay Ridge resident Daniel McGrath, 50, was stopped by NYPD officers on Tuesday for a busted taillight near the corner of Fort Hamilton Parkway and 64th Street in Borough Park. He was found in possession of a small amount of cocaine, and arrested, at which point police say they linked him to the series of smashing pumpkins incidents.

The Brooklyn DA told Gothamist the drugs case was resolved in arraignment with a guilty plea to a violation, and he has now been charged with criminal mischief for "intentionally [damaging] property of another person."

Police celebrated nabbing the alleged smasher on Twitter:

Herbert Kalloff, 63, told the Post last month that he had caught the pumpkin smasher destroying his pumpkins on security camera video on at least two occasions in late September and October. “What bothers me is this is an adult,” he said. “I can’t believe it.” The Post described the video footage showing "the clumsy criminal trying three times to destroy the decoration—bouncing it unsuccessfully against the sidewalk—before it finally busted open." In the second video, which you can see below, the pumpkin smasher returned wearing a pork pie hat to destroy another pumpkin.

At the time Kalloff vowed to turn to vigilante justice if police could not help: “I think I’ll be better off handling this guy than [police] would,” he said. He also booby trapped another pumpkin with vaseline in case the smasher returned.

Relatedly: DSNY is having a pumpkin smashing event today in Manhattan (or Sunday in Brooklyn) where you can legally get your smash on. Cocaine and pork pie hat not included.