Today's transit contract vote dealine was at noon. And from the AP:

The workers, by a seven-vote margin out of more than 22,000 votes cast, opted to reject Transport Workers Union local president Roger Toussaint's call for ratification and follow the lead of a dissident group urging rejection. The voting ended at noon Friday.

Seven votes! That's almost too close to call! Does this mean there will be another walkout? The Transport Workers Union's management said that workers who oppose the contract would be fined...but the management is facing fines themselves. While we await news, Gothamist will look for our sneakers.

The new contract would have included 3%, 4%, and 3.5% raises over three years that the MTA had offered first go-around last December; the new thing is that workers will be paying 1.5% of their salaries towards health care. And here are Gothamist's Transit Strike 2005 archives.

Updated stories from the NY Times and NY1. The Times had this breakdown of the votes:

Of 22,461 votes cast by the deadline at noon today, 11,227 workers voted to ratify the contract and 11,234 voted to reject it, a margin of just 7 votes - or 0.0003 percent. The rejection was a stunning defeat for Roger Toussaint, the president of Local 100 of the Transport Workers Union, which represents 33,700 subway and bus workers at the authority.

Gothamist wonders how the TWU is supposed to "go back to the drawing board" - does the MTA get to say, "Hey, we made a deal with the TWU management - it's up to you guys to figure it out." Or will the TWU membership agree to the contract if, say, President Roger Toussaint resigns? We'll stay on top of this over the weekend!

Here's the TWU Local 100 website.

Photograph of commuters outside Penn Station during the strike from kerfuffle and zeitgeist on Flickr via Gothamist Contribute - add your photos, comments, and links there!