Breaking: The Times is reporting that Alex Paterson, the 15 year old son of our chronically embattled governor was arrested today on an unspecified charge. The governor's press secretary released a statement: "Earlier today, Governor Paterson’s son was taken into the 20th precinct and subsequently released to his parents. The Governor and the First Lady ask that their privacy is respected during this personal time." Really: could things get any worse for Paterson right now?

Update: ABC is reporting that it was on a gambling charge: "law enforcement officials tell Eyewitness News Alex Paterson was shooting craps, and was in possession of a debit card that was in someone else's name." He's a student at Beacon High School on West 61st Street.

Trueslant correctly calls the headline for tomorrow's Post or Daily News: OH CRAPS!

Update: The Post and NBC are disagreeing about the credit card young Paterson was found with: NBC says it might not have been stolen, but the Post is saying that it was. Both agree it belonged to a woman. Fox adds that the reason the cops searched the teen was that he was caught with a friend who had graffiti paraphernalia— sounds like he was hanging out with the wrong crowd!

Update: The Daily News is saying that the credit card was stolen and spotted Michelle Paterson picking her son up from the station— they're saying it's not clear if he's been charged:

The First Lady, wearing sunglasses, appeared distraught as she exited the precinct out a side door just before 5 p.m. and got into the front seat of the Tahoe. She was followed moments later by her son, who was wearing a hooded puffy jacket.

He got into the back seat of the SUV, hunched down and covered himself with blankets to shield himself from photographers.

Picture credit: New York Social Diary.